5 Low Maintenance Plants For Your Garden

Owning a garden means dedicating at least part of your free time to plants and the turf, if any. Some species more than others require constant and careful maintenance.

However, in the vast panorama of the varieties available, it is possible to find some beautiful plants that are simple to grow and, at the same time, not very demanding in terms of care required over time.

If you are looking for low-maintenance plants for your garden, but you don’t want to give up aesthetics and, therefore, their beauty, below you will find some examples of varieties that meet these criteria.

By deciding to grow these five species, you will have a varied, beautiful and, and easy to manage garden. These are resistant plants, which require very little care and which will allow you not to worry too much about their maintenance.

If you aren’t a fan of these plants, but don’t have the time or gardening savvy to care for more demanding plants, you may have to hire a plant & landscape maintenance service to keep your garden beautiful.

The ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses represent a great addition to the landscape; they offer a different appearance from the classic trees, rather than from the shrubs and perennials that usually populate gardens. These plants can be grown in an orderly fashion, perhaps to create edging along the flower beds or fences or be used to create a garden that looks wilder. There are more than 400 genera in the grass family, with a height that can vary from 4 cm to 1 meter depending on the genus. These plants, simple to grow and maintain, can be shrubby or arboreal, and all have similar morphological characteristics; the feathered flowers gathered in small ears, and the long thin leaves create movement by swaying with the slightest breeze. Maintenance is practically zero; only the old foliage will require pruning every spring to allow new leaves to develop.

The Hemerocallis

Commonly known as Hemerocallidae, these plants make beautiful flowers (similar to lily), by the name “beautiful one day”; this name is so since the flowers bloom at dawn and last only for one day. It is one of the simplest plants to take care of and able to complete and make the natural landscape of the garden beautiful. They will maintain a clean and tidy appearance throughout the season, and the flowers, in shades ranging from yellow to orange to red, will bloom in abundance at the beginning and in the middle of summer. The only maintenance required once a year is to remove the dead leaves from the previous year. Pruning of plants occurs at ground level in late autumn.

Le Hosta

The genus Hosta includes several species of plants, herbaceous and perennial, which have beautiful oval leaves, varying in length from 3 to 40 centimeters and light green or yellowish, generally streaked. Some varieties produce pretty bell-shaped flowers, fragrant and ranging in color from white to violet.

The Hosta ” the queens of the shadow “; if you have a garden with shade exposure, where it is not possible to grow species that require great direct lighting, these plants are truly an excellent choice.

Just like the “belle Giornoā€¯, these plants too need little maintenance, limited to the removal of dry leaves once a year, in late autumn or early spring.

The Spirea

If you are looking for a bushy plant for your garden, which does not require special care but which is very beautiful to look at, the Spirea genus offers almost three hundred different varieties to choose from. This low-maintenance shrub remains beautiful throughout the season.

These are plants of the Rosaceae family, originating in Asia, which vary in height from 50 to 200 cm and have always been grown for ornamental purposes. Both the beautiful summer bloom and the sage-colored foliage make it an aesthetically very appreciable species.

Again, maintenance is effortless, Pruning of Spirea can take place at any time of the year, except when they bloom.


They require very little water and soil nutrients as well. The most common and favorite succulent plants are the chalk Sticks; people like them because of their blue/grey color, which is outstanding. Succulent plants perform best in sandy soil where they grow best.

Choosing the right plants is the key to facilitating the maintenance of your garden.

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